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F.E. Reed Lathe Restored

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F E Reed Lathe - #3432 ready to work.
Threading Gear Box
Threading Gears

Here's old #3432 ready to work. I sort of got into creating an old machine shop feel in this corner of my shop. Even though this lathe is over 100 years old, it has many of the features found on modern lathes. The lathe is used daily to make tools, bushings, and other round necessities. One impressive feature is the throw on the tailstock...six inches. Above Left

Threading gear box. This picture is for the CAMS guys who need to duplicate cast the door for their own restoration of an old Reed lathe. The box was originally mounted to the base at the tailstock end. Upper Left and Left

Threading gears. Most are original and a couple of the smaller sizes are of modern manufacture. I haven't done any threading yet, but as soon as I must, I'll figure out the locations and pitches. Left

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The original cross slide screw was too far gone and of an odd size and pitch (13/16-6, 0.166"/rev). I refurbed with a 3/4-5 acme screw and nut. When doing this job, I realized there was no provision for a measuring dial at the crank. How'd they know where they were at? My solution was to mount a 8" DRO via a fine control cable and counterweight. It is vertical and out of harm's way. It proves to be very handy and precise. The chuck is a modern 8 incher mounted on a spare faceplate with Reed threads. Left

Bob cleaning up the Lathe.

Yes, that's my back. Tenley snapped this while I was sprucing up the machine for pictures. This is a wierd picture since the camera made the lathe look 3/4 scale.( or I, very large) I scored this lathe on eBay from Justin Mackay-Smith in White Post, VA. I remember wanting it so bad as I sat at my computer during the final seconds. I planned to bid no more than $550 because I knew nothing of its condition. A frantic battle with other bidders drove it up to $850. I fired 2 or 3 heavy shots within the last 30 seconds. I won. Thank goodness the internet connection was good that day, this lathe may be usable for an other hundred years. Left

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