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"The mantel arrived today and we are very pleased.
Thank you and we will put a good word in for you if ever given the chance."
L. Bruno; Friedens, PA

New Pine Beam Style Log Mantel

A New Pine beam style log mantel is perfect compliment for a rustic log cabin or lodge fireplace. As shown here, our beam style log mantels are made from Eastern White Pine (pinus strobus). These are not antique beams, but nice air-dried pine that is an affordable option to the antique beam mantels.

Normally we finish these pine beams with a penetrating oil that reveals the natural character of the wood. As an option you can order a mantel unfinished so you can stain it to match other wood in your home.

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    • mantel dimensions
    • brackets? and type?
Honey-Pine Stained log mantel

This hand planed pine mantel shows the natural color it will gain with time and a plain oil finish.

Hand Planed beam style log mantel with no brackets

Hand planed Pine Mantel shown unfinished.

Hand hewn pine log mantel shown unfinished.

A closeup of the hand hewn mantel, shown unfinished.

As designed by Bob Hoffa, these Pine log mantels are available in 6" x 8" up to 10' long, and in 6" x 10" up to 12' long. Your decision whether to specify the smaller face showing and the larger face serving as a shelf or vice versa. Both flush mounted and inset mounts are available. We can work with you to create custom mounting depending on your specific need. No fasteners are provided.

These are not antique beams. These are air dried pine beams that are a couple of years old and dimensionally stable. Please Note - Mantel sizes are quoted in NOMINAL DIMENSIONS. This means we start with your dimensions (6 x 8 for example), and the process of cleaning up the beam and straightening it will remove material. The log mantel will lose no more than 1/4 inch, and often less.

Mantel Installation

If you have a brick or masonry wall, you need about three 1/2" rebar pieces long enough to go 3" into the wall and another 3 to 5" into beam. The length depends on size of beam. A rule of thumb is to have the rebar penetrate 2/3 the width of the beam.

Drill holes into the masonry and cement the rebar into place with a bolt anchor mix or epoxy. Allow sufficient set time between operations.

If it is a framed wall, drill into studs for 1/2-13 threaded rod (aka "all-thread") Drill size is 7/16. Screw into holes by gripping with vise grip pliers, then proceed.

Drill corresponding holes into back of mantle and apply construction adhesive (like Liquid Nails) to the rebar and in the holes. Guide mantel onto pins and slide against wall.

Brackets, if any, may be glued into place with construction adhesive and then toe-nailed into beam with small finish nails. Set nails below surface with nailset and fill with appropriate colored wood filler.

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