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"grand scale wood conference table makes a real impression"

Wood Conference Table - Custom

Wood Conference Table - Salvaged Chestnut

Salvaged American Chestnut Trestle Table has a natural oxidized chestnut color, only attainable from the great age of the wood. A severe duty oil finish resists scratching, staining and water marks. This wood conference table can be custom made for your office.

The 6" diameter legs are from chestnut cabin logs, and the hand finished top features select salvaged Chestnut lumber. The top is assembled with walnut splines (shown below) to ensure dimensional stability and flatness. The splines create an interesting focal point on the ends of a custom conference table.

The traditional trestle base of this wood conference table has through tenons and wedges, which allow disassembly for shipping and moving. The cross pieces are fully mortised and fixed with chestnut treenails.

Detail of splines.

Top: 1 3/8 thick x 48w x 90 long, the table is 30" tall.

Designed by Bob Hoffa

This is just one example of a custom wood conference table. If you would like to discuss other ideas for custom office furniture please contact us.

Call (304) 497 2756 or e-mail for more information.

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