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For Customers · We put you in touch with very special craftsmen who create work of exceptional value. Craftsmen exhibit by request only, and we make sure that product descriptions accurately describe each item. We assure you of both quality and reliability.

For Craftsmen · An additional purpose of our website is to open a wider market for exceptional regional woodworkers. By taking on the tasks that would keep them out of the shop, we help craftsmen spend their time doing what they do best. A collective marketing effort is efficient and practical. Craftsmen interested in exhibiting through the Alterra Furniture Gallery are invited to submit their work for review. E-mail for details.

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The Alterra Furniture Gallery exists virtually, and is operated by Alta Web Resource. If you are in the Greenbrier County area and would like to visit, please call (304) 497-2756 for an appointment.

Renick, WV was formerly known as Falling Spring.

Our office is physically located at:

Altalab, Inc.
Rt. 219 North * HC 67 Box 592
Renick, WV 24966
(304) 497-2756 fax 3846
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Why the Name Change?

If you visited before, we were known as Falling Spring Furniture Gallery. The name came from the previous name of Renick which was Falling Spring. Jeff Hoffa's business is Fallen Spring Woodworks. There was no conflict long as we were a virtual gallery, existing only on the website.

But now we are expanding into a real physical showroom, and decided to eliminate any confusion, especially in the community.

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Our Website

Search Help  · In addition to browsing our website, you may use the search function to find items of particular interest. The search is not case sensitive.

You can search on a type of furniture, such as "armoire", on a furniture style like "arts and crafts" or by rooms in your home such as "bedroom".

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Just because you don't see it, it doesn't mean we can't provide that special piece. The items shown here can be considered examples of the work we offer. So, if you can't find it, please ask us for help by email

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